Best Deer Gutting Knife: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Knife for deer hunting. Yes, the best deer gutting knife needs for deer hunting. These knives are completely different from regular pocket knives. After hunting a deer, will need a deer gutting knife, from skinning to cutting meat.

It is difficult to work without the right tools. Again, the new hunters want to take all the taste after the deer hunting in the field-dressing. Field dressing is important for deer shot dead. This is because field dressing cools the carcass and reduces the growth of bacterial in the meat.

All the limbs of a dead deer with these knives, it is even helpful in removing bones. This article will provide important information on choosing a gutting knife for deer. Below is a list of the best durable and most used gutting knives on the market for hunters. This list has a hunting knife sharpener.

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Above all, the best deer gutting knife should have the following qualities:

  • Small blades (2 – 4.5 inches length)
  • Made material will stainless steel.
  • Must have a stable grip for safety.
  • Must be made of thick steel.
  • At a great price, a durable hunting knife set.
  • The knife will have round or blunt edges to avoid damage to the flesh and leather.
  • The knife will have a durable and non-slip grip handle.

Our Best Deer Gutting Knife Picks Table

1. Outdoor Edge JaegerPair, 3-Piece Hunting Knife Combo Set for Processing Big Game with Fixed Blade Drop-Point Skinner, Gutting Knife and Nylon Belt Sheath.

2. Gerber Gear 31-001159N Hunting Gear Myth Field Dress, Hunting Knives, Brown.

3. Gerber Moment Field Dress Kit I [31-002218]

4. Outdoor Edge JaegerPak, 8-Piece Hunting & Game Processing Knife Set with Drop-Point Skinner, Gutting Knife, Boning/Fillet Knife, Sharpener, Wood-Bone Saw, Spreader, Gloves and Hard-Side Carry Case

5.Outdoor Edge RazorMax - Replaceable Fixed Blade Hunting Knife with 3.5" Drop-Point, 5" Boning/Fillet Blades, Belt Sheath and Detachable Blade Carrier (Orange, 6 Blades)

6. HME Scalpel Skinning Knife W/6 Replaceable Blades.

7. Outdoor Edge 3.5" Drop-Point Replacement Razor-Blade Pack, 6-Pieces - Japanese 420J2 Stainless Steel - Precisely Heat Treated and Hand Finished Shaving Sharp.

8. Old Timer Knife Kits with Select Tools such as Shears, Saws, Cutting Board, Tubs and Gloves for Outdoor, Hunting, Field Dressing, Filleting, Skinning and Campin.

9. Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B 9in High Carbon S.S. Fixed Blade Knife with 4.7in Dual Edge Blade and TPE Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival, and EDC, Multi.

10. Smith's Abrasives PP1 hunting-knife-sharpeners 3.5" x 1" x 0" (Length x Width x Height.

                         Below is a detailed review of our best deer gutting knife

1. Outdoor Edge JaegerPair, 3-Piece Hunting Knife Combo Set.

best deer gutting knife

Features Best Deer Gutting Knife

  • Razor-sharp knives, each knife balanced, full-tang.
  • Stainless steel blade material, precise heat treated.
  • Rubberized (TPR) nonslip handle knife.
  • Nylon retainer strap that is safe for both knives.
  • Weight – 0.25 Kilograms
  • Easy of use


Looking for a good fixed blade hunting knife. I would recommend this outdoor edge JaegerPair drop-point skinner, gating knife combo set. You will find everything you need to field dressing after deer hunting in this knife.

The gutting knife opens like a zipper without piercing vital organs. Comes with a black nylon belt sheath knife set. Each knife full-tang 420J2 stainless steel blades heat treated and taper ground knives. The blades are sharp so you can do the hunting work smoothly. These knives are sharp and durable at affordable prices.

Outdoor Edge produces quality equipment that is built permanently. This one set of knives is enough in your life for hunting. Contact your manufacturer if you have problems with your outdoor edge knife. Brand Outdoor Edge addresses all replacement and service requests.

2. Gerber Gear 31-001159N Hunting Gear Myth Field Dress, Hunting Knives, Brown.

best deer gutting knife

Features Best Deer Gutting Knife

  • Power source -hand-powered knife, stainless steel blade. 
  • Gut hook
  • Textured grip handle
  • Plain edge
  • Limited lifetime warranty knife.
  • Myth Field dressing hunting knives.
  • It will fit in your pack or in your belt loop.
  • This kit is the ultimate hunting companion.
  • Myth compact fixed blade.
  • Sheath with a built-in carbide sharpener to keep on the go maintenance.


This is a dual hunting knife kit. Offers complete field dressing solutions. This knife pack is enough to do all the work after hunting. The Hunting Knife set includes the Myth fixed blade Pro. And a sheath with the Myth compact fixed blade carbide sharpener. Gerber’s products make for real life. These knives are your ultimate hunting companion.

The knife set has all the tools you need regardless of weight. The perfect hunting knife pair for deer gutting. The stainless steel blade is sharp. Two knives will last for many years if taken care of in maintenance. Weighted knives can be used to cut the deer ribs.

3. Gerber Moment Field Dress Kit.

best deer gutting knife

Features Best Deer Gutting Knife

  • Stainless steel blade.
  • Blade length- 3.63″.
  • Full tang construction knives.
  • Handle textured rubber scales.
  • Glass bead, blade finish.
  • Fine edge blades, Durable knives.
  • Nylon sheath, with metal snaps.
  • Blade shape- Gut hook.
  • Power Source – AC/DC.
  • Item Weight- 0.2 Kilograms.


The Moment Field dress kit is half. Designed for quartering animals. The big fixed blade is the gut hook. Can use for large cuts. The small fixed blade is caping along with the bones of the leg. And suitable for use for fine details such as cutting. The knives both fit securely into the paddle-style sheath. Fits in an easy-to-pack arrangement.

The knife fits comfortably in both hands. And with that comes a non-slip feeling. The skin of more than one animal can remove with this knife. A knife sharp enough to lift a deer’s skin. This is the best deer gutting knife considering its weight and balance.

4. Outdoor Edge JaegerPak, 8-Piece Hunting & Game Processing Knife Set.

best deer gutting knife

Features Best Deer Gutting Knife

  • Blade stainless steel material.
  • Rubberized non-slip TRP handles.
  • Whatever is in this knife set:-
  • A drop-point skinning knife. 
  • Gutting hook knife, boning & fillet knife.
  • Wood/bone saw.
  • Ribcage spreader.
  • Game cleaning gloves
  • Two-stage carbide/ceramic sharpener.
  • A hard-side carry case.


Knives are the sharpest. Best edge-holding steel knives on the outdoor edge. The best quality knives make by combining sophisticated manufacturing processes. With functional design craftsmanship. The knife set ensures the greatest performance in field tests. The manufacturer stands behind everything we do with a lifetime warranty.

Each razor-sharp knife is a perfect balance. Full-tang 420J2 stainless steel blade knife. Rubberized non-slip handles are ergonomically shaped. Reduces hand fatigue in use and ensures a secure and comfortable grip. Keep the carry case knife set clean, dry, organized, and always ready. And keep each knife, tool in a safe place to avoid rust.

5. Outdoor Edge RazorMax – Replaceable Fixed Blade Hunting Knife.

best deer gutting knife

Features Best Deer Gutting Knife

  • Special feature knife set- Replaceable blades.
  • Handle material -Thermoplastic elastomers.
  • Material stainless steel blade.
  • Blade length – 3.5 inches.
  • Item weight – 4.7 ounces. 
  • The knife set includes 6 blades.
  • Three 3.5-inch drop-point.
  • And three 5-inch boning/fillet blades.
  • Lifetime Warranty.


Two blades in one.  Fixed blade replaceable blade knife with two styles of interchangeable blades. There are drop-point blades, flexible boning, and fillet blades. Outdoor Edge is the sharpest, best-edge-holding steel knife with a sophisticated manufacturing process. Outdoor Edge makes the best quality knives and hand tools for the outdoors.

Do not sharpen your knife blade again for quick use. Change the blade quickly and easey. Press the lock release button on the handle to insert the new blade. Made with precise heat-treatment of Japanese 420J2 stainless blades.

Nonslip TPR handles are incomparably fixed. The blades are casting direct into polypropylene and stainless steel frame for durability. The handle provides a secure grip. The blaze-orange handle is ease seen on the ground. Includes nylon polymer belt sheath with blade carrier and blade storage box.

6. HME Scalpel Skinning Knife W/6 Replaceable Blades.

best deer gutting knife

Features Best Deer Gutting Knife

  • Special feature knife – Replaceable blades.
  • 5 extra blades.
  • Blade material -Stainless steel.
  • Item weight 0.27 pounds.
  • Blade edge – Plain.
  • Blades length 3.5 inches.
  • The length of the knife is 8 inches.
  • Strong and durable micarta handle knife.
  • Liner-lock construction.


HME Scalpel Knife is a sharp knife for skinning. The blade can be easily removed. Construction of a liner-lock with ambidextrous thumb studs at Nifty. Features an open back for easy cleaning. The handle is a rough, non-slip knife with a holster clip. The blade has a black oxide finish which makes it sharp and durable.

The ​​ultra-sharp blade is a nice knife. It can use for a long time. The fact that the knife has included a handful of extra retail is great. The knife is kind of nice to compare to the outdoor edge. The body of this knife is very nice and strong.

7. Outdoor Edge 3.5″ Drop-Point Replacement Razor-Blade Pack, 6-Pieces.

Features Best Deer Gutting Knife Blade

  • Included components razor-lite replacement blades.
  • Stainless Steel blades.
  • Style 6 blades.
  • Blade length – 3.5 Inches.
  • Power source manual.
  • Blades made from Japanese 420J2 stainless steel.
  • Vacuum sealed individually.
  • Heat-treated blade.
  • Hand-finished shaving sharp blade.


Hand-finished blades have excellent shaving-sharp edges and ensure performance. These blades fit the Outdoor edge razor-safe series 3.0-inch razor lite EDC and onyx lite only. The blades do not fit the 3.5-inch razor light EDC, razor blaze, razor lite EDC, razor pro, or onyx EDC.

Each blade is sealed in a plastic bag with a PVC blade cover. The blades are as sharp as razors and tough nails. The versatile drop point design blades are a real work horse. And equal suitable for fine, detailed cuts.

Outdoor Edge quality cutting blades are durable for use. The company addresses requests for all replacement and service requests. Perfect replacement for utility knives. It is lighter in the pocket and the blade is securely locked when opening. It is super easy to change the blade on the knife.

8. Old Timer Knife Kits with Select Tools.

Features Best Deer Gutting Knife

  • Made in the USA or Imported knife.
  • 16.5 inches overall length.
  • A blade length of 3.3 inches. 
  • Weight of 5.4 ounces.
  • The blades make of reliable 7Cr stainless steel.
  • TPE rubber handle.
  • The convenient easy carry case. 


This knife set includes shears, saws, cutting board, outdoor, hunting, field dressing knife. Also a knife kit with selected tools including filleting, tubs, skinning, gloves. Hunting knife set convenient to use. The kit contains all the tools needed for dressing or filleting. Packed in a plastic storage case with a handle.

Old Timer built for generations since 1958. This brand has proven to be a globally recognized, reliable, and trustworthy brand. Old Timers are designing these knives to meet our daily needs. This set contains everything you need to complete the hunt work after hunting. It works great.

9. Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B 9in High Carbon S.S. Fixed Blade Knife.

Features Best Deer Gutting Knife

  • Included components hunting knife fixed blade.
  • Rubber-wrapped handle.
  • 7Cr17MoV high carbon stainless steel blade.
  • Handguard to prevent slipping.
  • 9-inches knife, overall length with a blade length of 4.7 inches.
  • Weight of 7.7 ounces.
  • Blade edge compound bevel.


This is a dual-edge blade outdoor knife by Smith and Wesson. A black rubber-wrapped handle is durable. Quick and easy access with a convenient belt or boot sheath. Which makes the knife ideal for carrying every day. Trust that the blade will never slip with the safety of the handguard. The features of the knife are lanyard holes.

This knife is a tool that you can use in any situation. Smith & Wesson and M&P knives have the same quality as firearms. The brand makes knives with features like safety locks, a full tang design. Made with top-quality materials these knives are designed for rough use. Smith’s knives will perform year after year.

10. Smith’s Abrasives PP1 hunting-knife-sharpeners.

Features A Hunting Knife Sharpeners

  • Slim, lightweight, easy to pocket this sharpener.
  • Diamond-coated rod for serrated and standard edges.
  • Carbide blades quickly set your edges.
  • Ceramic stone quickly gives you a razor-sharp edge.
  • Preset sharpening angles for guaranteed results.
  • Lanyard hole for carrying.
  • Tapered round rod/medium diamond (400 grit): Pool-through / thick ceramic (600 grit) abrasive.
  • Item weight – ‎0.353 ounces.


Use tapered round diamond-coated rod for serrated and standard edge sharpening. Ceramic stones give you the sharp edge of a razor. Reverse and replaceable carbide and ceramic stone for stretching sharpening. You will get preset sharpening angle guaranteed results.

Smith brand is the market leader in the knife and scissors sharpening category. At the same time, Smith offers outrageously good customer service. Smith’s offer includes both manual and electric sharpeners.

Smith’s PP1 pocket pal multifunction sharpener is sleek and slim. Ideal for outdoorsmen who want to make sure their blades are always sharp.

Some tips for field dressing method for deer with the best deer gutting knife

First Step

Your cutting technique may be how good the meat quality will be. Don’t forget your safety when using a knife to cut deer. I will mention my own real experience here. Below are the steps of field-dressing after hunting a deer

Second Step

When the deer is completely dull you start working. Cut out the leg vein of the last part of the deer’s feet.

Third Step

The hind leg should deer be kept high to cut the hunting deer. You can take the help of your assistant. Or if there is a tree on the side, you can tie the hind leg in the “V” in condition.

Fourth Step

Cut a several-inch coring ring around the deer’s anus with a knife. First, kneeling behind the animal will help you to do this work.

Fived Step

Start the first “V” cut between the hind two legs. Start with the hind legs to remove the skin. Finish the skin removing work above the testicle to below the milk sac. Thus finish the work of removing the skin on the back of both legs.


Now cut the midline skin. Remove the skin from the front legs in the same way as the back legs.

Seven step

Remove the skin from the skin of the abdomen and chest to the spine with the help of a knife. If there is an open cavity opposite the field, you can turn the deer upside down to drain the blood.

Final Thoughts For Best Deer Gutting Knife

After a deer hunt, field dressing is a difficult task. A best deer gutting knife is needed to make this difficult task easier. The best deer gutting knives and tools listed by us will help you become a better hunter. You must be careful when cutting with a sharp prey knife.

Hunting knives should have a sharp edge, be small, and have a comfortable grip handle. If you are a new deer hunter, keep more than one hunting knife. These knives are specially made. The hunter cuts any part of the deer perfectly. This is why meat and fat are not wasted.


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