9 Best Knife to Cut Cake: Buyer’s Guide


If you cut the cake with any dull knife, the cake will not cut like butter. This effort will make the cake a complete mess. You will need a high-quality optimal the best knife to cut cake. These knives are also called cake slicers, pie knives, or cake shovels. We need to have a little idea that different knives are needed to cut different foods. The perfect knife of your choice should allow the cake to cuts into precisely neat slices. Choose to buy that kind of knife. From my listed knives you can choose a knife for cutting cakes.

We’ve found that serrated thinner knives perform better for cutting cakes than a chef’s knife. The serrated thinner knives move like butter through the cake without squeezing each piece of cake. This allows each pitch’s beautiful layer of cake to achieve that perfect look. I genuinely believe that a special cake knife is necessary for cake enthusiasts.

Here are some of the best ways to cut a cake

A thrilling moment is for everyone. When a huge layer of cake slices nicely and reveals the beautiful layers inside. You can get the perfect look from each slice as many times as you slice the cake. We can cut a cake seamlessly using some techniques. And the cake cutting tool must also be thin and perfect.

  • Let the cake cool briefly in the fridge for 12 to 18 minutes to enjoy. Light cold cakes can be sliced ​​without any damage.
  • You can use a tomato cutting knife to avoid cutting the cake randomly. Tomato knives are relatively wide, thin, and serrated. This knife is able to slice through the cake layer without too much pressure.
  • The best cake knife is usually 8 to 12 inches. With a knife of this size, you can cut the cake into slices in one fell swoop.
  • Pull the knife towards itself at a 90-degree angle with light pressure from top to bottom of the cake. This method will make it easier to slice the cake from edge to edge.
  • In most cases, clean the knife with a lightly damp cloth after slicing the cake. This cleaning method will really help you a lot to make the knife durable for many days.

9 Best Knife to Cut Cake – Top Picks Table

1. Lenox Adorn Cake Knife & Server Set, Silver

2. Gifts Infinity® Personalized Gold Interlock Hearts Wedding Cake Knife and Server Set Free Engraving (2536)

3. KUTLER Professional 14-Inch Bread Knife and Cake Slicer with Serrated Edge - Ultra-Sharp Stainless Steel Cutlery

4. Zenker Stainless Steel Layer Cake Slicing Kit with 12" Serrated Knife, 3-Piece

5. ZWILLING Professional S Bread Knife, Cake Knife, 8-inch, Black/Stainless Steel

6. Fat Daddio's CK-14 Bread & Cake Knife, 14 Inch

7. Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Accessories Cake and Knife Serving Set, Graceful Heart

8. French Bull 11" Cake Knife - Melamine Dinnerware - Party, Pie, Dessert, Birthday - Viva

9. Mercer Culinary M23650 Renaissance, 9-Inch Bread, Cake Knife

Below detailed review of our best knife to cut cake

1. Lenox Adorn Cake Knife & Server Set

best knife to cut cake

Features: Comfortable and non-slip handle, sturdy serrated blade for smooth cutting, great set, affordable knife, very beautiful & elegant.

  • Blade material: Silver-plated metal
  • Handle material: Silver-plated metal
  • Item weight: 0.7 Pounds
  • One 8.75″ Knife
  • One 8″ Server

This cake knife is perfect for serving weddings, birthdays, and many more. This set of shining silver plating will make your festival romantic. Fancifully decorated ribbon motif this elegant and romantic adorn cake knife. The ribbon design handles are set by Linux. It’s a gorgeous cake knife. A very large but very high-quality classy cake knife is just great. You will not disappointed in buying this knife. It’s the perfect amazing and sturdy flexible knife.

An excellent-looking knife will get fine cut without any issues. This knife set is not too heavy and will last a long time. You can use this knife year after year. The children will be looking forward to cutting the birthday cake. It is a quality knife for the price. I highly recommend you buy the knife. The knife comes in a nice box.

2. Gifts Infinity Wedding Cake Knife and Server Set

Features: Beautiful handle knife & server set, Very reasonably priced, durable, appropriate size, giftable come in good packs.

  • Blade material: Gold stainless steel serrated blades
  • Handle material:  Plated metallic gold finish
  • Knife size 12″ x 1 inches 
  • Server size 10″ x 2 inches
  • Item weight:10 ounces

This is the luxurious gold engraved cake server set. Cut the first slice of your wedding cake with this cake knife. You will have a perfect photo moment of your life. This set is impressive and of great quality overall. It will be the toughest and most durable good-looking set to have in your home.

The knife and server have durable serrated blades of gold stainless steel. Handles are made of sturdy poly resin with a metallic gold finish. This set is great for gifts. And a great keepsake item with 3 lines of engraved text. Perfect set for elegance at any wedding, reception, birthday, or other special occasion.

3. KUTLER Professional 14-Inch Bread & Cake Slicer 

Features: It’s really sharp, does a great job, good ergonomic non-slip gripping handle. Long knife blade (no sharpening required)

  • Blade material: High carbon stainless steel
  • Handle material: Faux crystal plastic 
  • Blade length: 14 inches long,
  • Handle length: 5 .5 inches long
  • Total length: 19.5 inches. 
  • Knife weight:10.4 ounces

Cake Slicer with this serrated edge crafted for professional or home kitchen. Comfortable with long-lasting and versatile performance. The serrated blade of this multi-tasking kitchen tool will amaze you as you cut the cake. And ease slice through the layers of cake.

Cake, and bread, will crumble quickly and effortlessly with razor-sharp serrated wavy edges. Ease and accurately cut pastries and cake layers with minimal pressure. With it, you can finely chop pineapple, watermelon, and tomatoes. The knife is known for providing the best cutlery at a smart price.

A Long-lasting, ultra-sharp, stainless steel serrated blade provides cutting flexibility. The knife resists corrosion and stains. There is no need to sharpen after using the knife. Ergonomic, textured non-slip grip handle.

4. Zenker Stainless Steel Layer Cake Slicing Kit. 3-Piece

Features: Makes slicing up to 8 uniform layers a “piece of cake”.

  • Included components: slicing collar, knife, cake lifter
  • Serrated cake knife:12 inches
  • Cake lifter:11 inches 
  • Made in Germany, professional-looking results cake kit.
  • All material: Stainless steel

Zenker was founded in 1885. The brand makes high-quality exceptional and clever cake molds and knives. Made in Germany, these products are of creative design and quality. Sharp enough to cut the cake. The knife is very rigid for its length. This will give you a nice high cake that is easy to slice.

This slicing kit is the greatest slicer kit on the market. The kit for the wedding cakes works great without the knife ring. This will make it so much easier for you to slice the cake. This kit is amazing. Because the ring comes with a knife and a lifter. It’s not complicated at all, it’s easy to use. Sturdy and supportive of making and cutting cakes.

5. ZWILLING Professional S Bread & Cake Knife

Features:  Comfortable ergonomic polymer three-rivet handle, serrated blade, surprisingly smooth, versatile knife.

  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Handle Material: Stainless steel
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Dishwasher safe, hand washing recommended.
  • The blade is 1.14″ wide.
  • Blade length: 8 inches

Professional classic this knife create with special formula steel. The blade is more rigid, sharper, not will chip, and sharpness lasts longer. The laser-controlled edge of the knife is incredibly sharp—an ergonomic polymer three-rivet handle. Perfectly bonded to the full tang.

Although a little higher in price, the knife is of high quality considering the quality and features. This 8-inch knife is capable of accommodating all the requirements for cutting cakes. The blade creates of ultra-sharp serrated blade stainless steel. Cake cream frosting can glide and use for knife versatility. Excessive use will also make you feel comfortable.

6. Fat Daddio’s Bread & Cake Knife

Features: Multi-use knife, the best knife for bread and cakes, 100% satisfied cake knife.

  • Blade material: High carbon stainless steel
  • Handle material: Plastic handle
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Dishwasher safe knife.
  • Blade length: 14 & 10 inches

The knife glides effortlessly through the cake layer and bread. This will ensure a great cut to your cake without any crush. Blade length and extra-sharp serrated edges are ideal for cake demands. The plastic handle supports longer blade lengths to provide exceptional control. The knife is safe for cakes, slices of bread, pastries, and much more. Fat Daddio’s bread and cake knife will ease by slicing everything you need in the kitchen. From bread to delicious cakes. 

These knives come in two options to accommodate all your cake-cutting desires(14 and 10 inches). This is a big enough product for the cake slicing. Slice the cake, and bread without any problems. Each knife is accompanied by an ultra-sharp serrated stainless steel blade. Gives you a clean cut every time regardless of the size of this knife.

7. Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Accessories Cake and Knife Serving Set

Features: This cake knife serving set adds romance to a wedding reception, anniversary party, or valentine’s dinner. 100% satisfied cake knife set.

  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Handle material: Silver-plated
  • 2-Piece, cake knife &server set
  • Approximate size: the knife is 12-inches long, server is 10. 5-inches long.
  • Manufactured in China

Everyone wants the knife to be nice when cutting the cake. This is a review to find a beautiful and durable cake knife for you. The graceful heart serving set is perfect for cutting cakes for your festive occasion. 

Its knife set has a silver-plated handle with a graceful curve and a raised heart design. Pictures of a moment like a birthday or wedding cake cut will catch in your memory. This serving set will probably be valuable forever. But you will get the best of your wedding occasion. Hortense B. Hewitt has been a leader in quality wedding accessories for over 60 years.

This would be great for those who like the very simple design and clean lines. Hopefully, after seeing dozens of cake-cutting sets, you will decide to buy this set. It will be as beautiful and durable as it looks in photographs. Knife suitable for cutting cakes with a beautiful and elegant design.  And the value for the price is outstanding for the serving set.

8. French Bull 11″ Cake Knife – Melamine 

Features: Food safe high-grade glazed melamine cake knife,  resistant to scratch and shatter-resistant. Great for any cake or pie.

  • Made material: Melamine
  • The dishwasher is safe for knife
  • Knife weight: 3.99 ounces
  • Country of origin: Vietnam
  • French Bull designs are created by Jackie Shapiro, an iconoclast designer based in New York City.

The French Bull Viva cake knife is really a different kind of cake knife. You can buy this slicer once in a lifetime at any festival. The knife is a cake knife made from high-grade glazed melamine. Would be great for your home or as a gift. The 11.5 “length knife is capable of smoothly slicing any cake or dessert. 

The knife is available in three different designs. The knife is easy to clean because it is dishwasher safe. Heat resistant. The use of modern technology helps to avoid contaminating your food’s bacteria. The durability and functionality of the material are suitable for indoor or outdoor entertaining.

Heat-resistant 356-degree Fahrenheit, 180-degree C. And the knife is not for microwave use. The knife will not chip or crack easily.

9. Mercer Culinary Renaissance Bread, Cake Knife

best knife to cut cake


  • Blade material: High carbon steel
  • Handle material: Delrin, Santoprene
  • Country of origin: Taiwan
  • Blade length: 9 inches

Mercer Culinary Renaissance this 9-inch bread, the cake knife is a great knife for preparing every meal. The knife is an ideal blend of fit and form. And function provides comfort, durability, and efficiency. Renaissance knife works well for enthusiasts of professional use or home cooking.

The knife is extremely useful for optimal use. The perfect knife for slicing cleanly without tearing. Ideal for slicing cakes, bread tomatoes, and fruits. High-carbon German cutlery steel knife for incredible long-lasting sharpness. Triple-riveted, ergonomic tough handle, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. Wash the cutlery by hand with warm water and mild soap after each use.

Best Knife to Cut Cake: Buyer’s Guide

best knife to cut cake

We all like to slice cakes in a smooth and beautiful way. The cake-cutting tools must be of great quality to do this particular job. So do not rush to buy the best knife to cut cake. Considers some of the essential things for choosing this knife.

Blade Length & Material

Long knives are great for slicing cakes. The 8 -12 inch stainless steel thin serrated blade knife with a handle is great for cutting cakes. Especially when slicing with extra-large cakes. The long knife allows the cake to be sliced without any damage.


The handle of the cake knife is usually plastic. Plan to use a crystal plastic handle knife to use a regular cake knife. Crystal plastic handle knives will further enhance the beauty of your occasion at various festivals.

These knives don’t just slice the cake you can use them as pastry knives. For thin slices, this thin, sharp blade can cut your cake without crushing.


A slicing knife usually has a thinner blade. This blade works finely for slicing into cakes. The cutting technique is always the same for layer cakes, cheesecakes, dacquoise, and angel food cakes. These perfect-level tools listed are extremely easy to use for cakes. You can easily be slicing the layers of cake into slices. Here is a helpful buying guide for choosing the best knife to cut cake. Hopefully, you will be able to find the perfect cake slicing knife to suit your needs.

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