10 Best Magnetic Knife Block: Buyer’s Guide &Tips


Valuable knives in your kitchen can become dull due to a lack of storage. For this, you can use the best magnetic knife block if needed. Isn’t this storage system a hassle for your knives? 

There is a risk of the blades becoming dull or chipped if stored in a drawer or otherwise. I would say investing in a magnetic knife block to keep your knife sharp in the long run.

The magnetic knife holder system is a great way you can easily store your knives. And will not occupy extra space in the kitchen. This is the very best way to store kitchen knives. Below is a discussion of the top magnetic knife holders on the market.

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      Best Magnetic Knife Block -Our Top Picks Table




1. Modern Innovations 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

  • Multi-Purpose Use

  • Strong Magnetic Strip

  • Easy Installation

2. Fox Run Magnetic Knife Utensil Tool Bar

  • Length18 inches Long

  • Versatility,Brown Bar

  • Wall-Mounted Design

3. Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder For Wall- Functionality 12 Inch

  • Made in the USA

  • Wood Construction

  • Strong Magnetic Hold

4. 24 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder & Space-Saving Strip for Kitchen Knives & Utensils, Office, Craft, Bar

  • Durable Construction

  • Strong Magnetic Strip

  • Space-Saving Design

5. Mercer Culinary Magnetic Knife Bar, Stainless Steel

  • Space-Saving Solution

  • Sleek and Modern Design

  • Easy to Clean

  • 12 Inch x 2.4 Inch x .9 Inch

6. RSVP International Magnetic Knife Tool Bar Multi-Use 10" Black Silicone

  • Easy Installation

  • Safe Storage

  • Wall Mounted

7 . Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Magnetic Board Knife Set

  • Full Tang Construction

  • Easy Maintenance

  • 11 3/8 x 9, Stainless Steel

8. Cooks Standard Knife Storage Block, 25 Slot

  • Made from bamboo

  • Slot Type

  • Universal Design

9. ZWILLING drawer Knife Organizer,

  • Space-saving Design

  • Safe Storage

  • Easy Access,12-slot

10. OXO  Compact Knife Drawer Organizer

  • Good Grip Handles

  • Customizable Slots

  • Non-Slip Base

Below is a detailed review of our best magnetic knife block-

1. Modern Innovations Magnetic Knife Bar

best magnetic knife block

Key Features:  Powerful magnetic knife bar. Material: Stainless steel. Length: 16 inches. Weight: 2.1 Pounds. Easy Installation bar. Made in the USA.

Product Description: It is the modern Innovations 16-inch stainless steel magnetic knife bar. You can use it as a kitchen knife holder, knife rack, knife strip, utensil holder, and tool holder. Will play a big role in your home decor. Made from elegant and satin-finished high-grade stainless steel. It has a completely magnetic surface powered by strong magnets.

This knife bar is a smart replacement for the old-fashioned knife blocks—the knife bar’s design with a smooth stainless steel surface. You can easily clean without scrubbing.

The magnetic knife bar includes installation hardware and illustrated instructions. It is very easy to install. You will need a little space in your kitchen to mount the bar. The actual length of the bar is 15 ¾ inches.

2. Fox Run Magnetic Knife Utensil Tool Bar

best magnetic knife block

Key Features:  A perfect bar to safely store knives taking up minimal space. Material: Made of durable maple wood with two magnetic strips. Length: 18 inches. Weight: 1.4 pounds.Made in Taiwan.

Product Description: For over 50 years, Fox Run has been manufacturing high-quality cookie cutters for families and professionals. This magnetic tool holder is made of two magnetic strips with durable maple wood. Easily mount on the wall with the two screws included in your kitchen. These bars come in two sizes, 12 inches, and 18 inches.

This rack can hold tools and knives securely. The holder is very sturdy and will last for many years. Magnetic bars are perfect for storing knives safely. It allows you to set up your kitchen with minimal space. Keep your most-used tools with this magnetic bar.

3. Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder For Wall

Key Features:  There is a 100% full money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the purchase. Material: Hardwood with magnetic strips. Length: 12 inches. Weight: 15.2 ounces.Made in the USA. 

Product Description: This is a walnut magnetic knife holder made in the USA for the walls. knives magnet, magnetic strip, or magnetic knife rack is very effective as an organizer. Kurouto Kitchenware manufactures the highest quality professional equipment for the home and kitchen. 

The 12-inch walnut knife block makes of 100% US walnut hardwood in the USA. And butchers can use it. This magnetic knife bar has a continuous magnetic field. It is designed with solid mounting holes in the back to securely hold your walls, backsplash, and cabinets. The tools are in a safe place as long as the knives are not needed.

It is different from stainless steel knife racks. The hardwood knife block of walnut will not chip or dull your knives. This magnetic knife strip is easy to clean. No holes or mounting hardware are visible when mounting wood magnetic strip blocks. Easy to install knife block with mounting hardware, template included.

4. Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

Key Features: This magnetic knife holder comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction. Made material: Stainless steel. Length: 24 inches. Weight: 15.2 ounces. Easy to install.

Product Description: This is a 24-inch stainless steel magnetic knife holder. Storage strips for kitchen knives and utensils, office, craft, bar, garage, and workshop tools. The knife holder includes 8 removable hooks, screws, and hardware.

Keeping a knife in the drawer does not maintain sharpness when pushing the blades. This magnetic knife holder will organize the knives safely and visibly.

It is more versatile, practical, and hygienic than traditional knife blocks. The magnetic knife block makes of rust-resistant stainless steel with a strong NdFeB magnet.

The knives are kept in a safe place and are easy to use. You can even mount it in your garage to hang tools in the garage. This block is absorbent and almost impossible to clean thoroughly. Includes all mounting hardware with magnetic knife holder.

5. Mercer Culinary Magnetic Knife Bar

Key Features:   Mercer Culinary Magnetic Knife Bars are – 6 inches, 12 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches. And double hooks and single hooks. Made material: Stainless steel. Bars are easy to install & clean. Versatile holder.

Product Description: Founded Mercer Culinary more than 30 years ago. Makes high-quality kitchen products for professionals and food enthusiasts. They have created a knife and knife holder brand. Which is accessible to everyone, including chefs, culinary students, and home cooks.

There are two bars for greater holding capacity. Knife with it is a versatile wall-mounted bar for organizing kitchen utensils. Strong and it’s a beautiful knife holder. This knife holder is important for a chef. The bar magnet is strong enough to hold the knife. The open design affluent bar allows maximum flexibility.

6. RSVP International Magnetic Knife Tool Bar Multi

Key Features: The Bar is made of 18/8 stainless steel with a sleek beautiful satin finish. Length: 10 &18 inches. Weight:1.33 Pounds. Easy to install & clean. Multifunctional and dope magnetic remote holder.

Product Description: RSVP International offers kitchen accessories that are durable and reasonably priced. Their product is made from the highest quality materials, quality, modern and durable. Chefs of any level use their products every day.

Their silicone magnetic knives bar comes in two sizes, 10-inch, and 18-inch. Both of these toolbars have a strong full-surface magnet. Which holds the items securely. Sleek silicone finish knife holders complement most kitchen styles. And protects knives from scratch. Includes mounting hardware with magnetic knife bar.

Versatility toolbar. Can hold knives, keys, tools, gadgets, scissors, and much more. Bars two can be a great storage solution for your kitchen. The bar has secure strong full surface slip-resistant magnets. Very easy to clean. Clean the knife holder with a dry or damp cloth.

7 . Mercer Culinary Genesis Magnetic Board Knife Set

Key Features:  6-piece magnetic board knife set. Limited lifetime warranty. Made material: Stainless steel & acacia wood. Length: Board 11 inches. Weight: 12.54 pounds.Easy to install. Taiwan knife.

Mercer Culinary Genesis sets are –

  • Sharpener with 6-piece glass block set,
  • 6-piece glass block set,
  • 10-inch sharpening steel & 6-piece glass block set, 
  • 8 & 6-piece magnetic board knife set,
  • Wood block with tempered glass 6-piece knife block set, 

Product Description: Knife set with Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-piece magnetic board. You will get a magnetic board and five knives together. German steel blades are taper-grounded to keep them sharp. The strong magnet holds the knives in place so that the knives are protected. 

The elegant leaflet is the knife holder made of acacia wood and magnet. This magnet knife set enhances the decor of your kitchen or any kitchen space. The box with angular construction features provides easy access to the knife.

The Genesis series features ergonomic Santoprene handles.  Which gives you superior comfort while using and provides a non-slip grip. You will get the same result even with wet hands. High carbon no-stain German steel prevents rust and corrosion. The knives have better strength and long-lasting sharpness including the full tang.

8. Cooks Standard Knife Storage Block, 25 Slot

Key Features:  Dimensions are 11. 5 inches in length. Height of 9. 5 “. And width 6. 5 inches. Made material: Natural bamboo. Weight: 9.79 pounds. Larger steak knives fit this knife block.  Made from bamboo and natural acacia wood. You will get the block in these two ways.

Product Description: The Cooks Standard knife storage block makes of bamboo. The block makes of 25 slots of natural bamboo which is very durable and great to look at. It is capable of holding most used knives or accessories up to 9 inches deep. You can wipe with a cloth to clean this block set.

The width of 25 slots ranges from 3/4 to 3 1/4 inches. Chefs can keep steaks, wide and long knives, and a cleaver. This wide slot can hold other items including kitchen scissors and sharpened steel. The block is an angled slot for easy knife grab. The rubber feet will protect the block from slipping.

9. ZWILLING drawer Knife Organizer, 12-slot

Key Features:  The tray is 17 inches long and 9 inches wide. 2 inches deep. And fits in most kitchen drawers. Made material: Beech wood. Weight: 4.45 pounds. A great knife organizer.

Product Description: ZWILLING extends its expertise in sophisticated storage offers with the most comfortable knives. This company solves complete kitchen tools.

In this drawer knife organizer, you can keep up to 12 knives. Knives will provide easy access. Strong beechwood will completely protect your knife from damage and dullness. Can store 6 blades up to 5 inches and 6 blades up to 10 inches.

It’s an alternative knife holder to the countertop knife block. It can be conveniently placed close to your hand and will protect the blades from the nick. This woodblock design is on two levels. All handles of knives point in the same direction.

10. OXO Good Grips Compact Knife Drawer Organizer

best magnetic knife block

Key Features:  The OXO Good Grips Compact Knife Drawer Organizer comes in seven different designs. Made material: Plastic. Product care Instructions: Hand Wash. Weight: 1.15 pounds. Expandable organizers.

Product Description: The OXO good grip compact knife drawer organizer is very effective for keeping knives in drawers. The knives will not be random. Blade edges of your kitchen knives will remain intact. Need to keep a lot of knives in your drawer. You can use a compact knife drawer organizer. 

This organizer will keep the knives safe and tidy with a custom look. OXO organizer can hold five small knives and four large ones. This is to help make your blades last longer. Do not the non-slip feet organizer slip when opening and closing the drawer. It has square corners in a space-maximum design. The tray is easily removable for thorough cleaning.

Additional Additions for Magnetic Knife Block –

Magnetic Knife Block

  • Babish Magnetic Knife Double Sided Block Holder 

The magnetic wooden knife block is a modern solution for storing knives. Helps keep blade edges scratch-free.  The slim but sturdy stainless steel base can store 14 knives on either side. This magnetic rack is a knife block or in-drawer knife organizer to keep knives close at hand. Sharp knives display beautifully. Strong these magnets hold large claver specialist knives.

  • VEVOR Magnetic Knife Block, 12-inch 

It is double-sided secure knife storage. This magnetic knife holder can hold knives on either side of the holder. Made using strong magnets. Durability, this knife holder features a stable base. Ensures steady support for your knives. It has a weight-bearing capacity of 4 pounds.

  • San Jamar STK Saf-T-Knife Assembled Station

This is a sanitary knife storage container. Say goodbye to contaminated knives with a sanitary knife storage container. Made with hygiene in mind. This innovative system keeps knives safe. All knives are accessible. It can store a variety of knives including cleaver knives, and knife sharpeners.

  • Cangshan L1 Series German Steel Cleaver Knife Block Set

It is a set of 3 pieces. The set includes a 7″ vegetable cleaver, a 6″ meat cleaver, and a solid acacia HUA cleaver knife block. The cleavers are made from German steel for durability, stain resistance, and exceptional edge retention.

Why a magnetic knife holder is needed for the kitchen?

best magnetic knife block

We collect different types of knives for our cooking. We keep these necessary knives randomly. But have you ever thought that if you randomly put a knife, the edge of the knife becomes dull quickly? For this reason, the kitchen needs a knife holder. Things we will consider when buying a knife holder-

Safety First

Don’t worry about your safety when hanging a magnetic rack’s sharp knife. Keep all your knives together as this knife block will stick very tightly to the kitchen walls. Since the knife block will be out of reach of children. So it will ensure everyone’s safety.

Size of Magnetic Holder 

Magnetic knife holders typically range in length from 9 to 30 inches. The length of the knife holder depends on the number of knives you hang. Length is the most important thing to consider. 16 to 20-inch magnetic knife holder tools for the kitchen walls will help make the arrangement easier.


Knife magnetic strips are made of stainless steel, hardwood, and fiberglass. These knife holders are driven by strong magnets. And has a completely magnetic surface. Knife holders have an exquisite appearance. And perfectly suited for placement on kitchen walls. The durability and performance of the magnetic knife holder are many days.

Method of Cleaning

You can use a damp cloth to clean the dust from the knife rack. Then use a dry cloth to wipe the knife block to clean it thoroughly. Under no circumstances should the knife block be placed under running water. Remove all knives from the block to clean the inside of the knife block. Then upside down the knife block. Shake it well to remove the dust inside. Then use a small brush.

Efficient Installation and Usage Tips for Magnetic Knife Blocks in Kitchen

Tips for Magnetic Knife Blocks in Kitchen

  • If you want to install the knife holder on the wall, first, determine the location. Install the magnetic knife block by attaching it to the wall with two mounting screws. The magnetic knife strip will strongly absorb the knives.
  • If you want to install it in the refrigerator, attach the knife holder to the surface of the refrigerator.
  • You can mount a magnetic knife block anywhere in the kitchen, small or large. So that everyone in your house can easily find the knife rack.
  • In the magnetic block, stick your knives in the middle of the blade.
  • Knives should not be stored too close to the handle to maintain the balance of the knife in the block.
  • Safely store the knives in the magnetic knife block. There is no possibility of the knife falling. 
  • You can also store scissors in these blocks.
  • Place the knife or scissors on the best magnetic knife block to prevent rust.

What is the best way to keep a magnetic knife block clean?

way to keep a magnetic knife block clean

A magnetic knife block is essential to keep the knives from contaminating pearls. This is why it is necessary to keep the magnetic knife block clean. Here are some tips for keeping a magnetic knife block clean to prevent the knives from getting contaminated.

Make it a habit to clean the kitchen knife block. This is because it prevents dust, food particles, and other debris accumulation.

Use a damp cloth or soft brush to clean the knife block. You can also use a mild soapy solution to remove dirt if necessary. Make sure the block is thoroughly rinsed. Be sure to dry the block after washing it.

Avoid using harsh chemicals as this may damage the magnetic block. Using abrasive chemicals can damage the surface of the magnetic block. which may affect the magnetic properties.

Remove all knives from the block before cleaning.  all the knives removed allow you to clean the block more. Helps prevent any debris from getting stuck in the block.

Make sure the magnetic knife block is completely dry after cleaning. Now place all the knives back into the block. Knives can rust due to humidity. Again can affect the magnetic properties of the block.

Inspect the magnetic knife block to avoid damage. Stop using the block immediately if you notice any problems such as loose magnets or cracks. Replace it if necessary.

Keep the magnetic knife block away from moisture or excessive heat in a dry area. This will prevent bacterial growth and keep the knife and block in the best condition.

Hopefully following these tips will solve the problem of a healthy and efficient storage for your knives.


  • What is a magnetic knife block?

The magnetic knife block is a storage solution for keeping kitchen knives together. Uses a strong magnet block to keep knives from dulling.  A wooden or acrylic block with embedded magnets. The block can attract and hold knives.

  • What benefits can I get from using a magnetic knife block?

Advantages include space efficiency and ease of access. And a wholesome solution has come. A magnetic knife block keeps the knives apart. Prevents blade damage. Simplifies the task of locating the desired knife.

  • Is magnetic knife block safe for knives?

Yes, the magnetic knife block is safe for your knife. The magnetic knife block is perfect for holding the blades without damaging them. Careful handling and disposal of knives are essential to avoid accidents. 

  • Is it better to use a magnetic knife block for any type of knife?

Any magnetic knife block is perfect for holding a variety of kitchen tools, including chef’s knives paring knives, serrated knives, and scissors. Again make sure the magnets are strong enough to hold large and heavy knives.

  • Can mount a magnetic knife block on the wall?

Yes you can, some magnetic knife blocks come with wall mounting options. Make sure the block is suitable for wall installation for the structure.

  • Where can to buy a magnetic knife block?

Magnetic knife blocks are commonly found at kitchen stores, department stores, and online sellers. Select a reputable seller for the best buying experience.

Final words

I have discussed here the best magnetic knife block on the market. The magnetic knife holder system is an important storage system for your knives to have a long life. This storage system keeps the sharpness of your knife intact.

The knife blocks selected here keep knives safe without the risk of them falling. Knife safety in these blocks is very important. High-quality durable and tear-resistant knife blocks are on my list. Blocks are best for comfortably accommodating knives. These knife blocks with a modern and elegant minimal design. Here are options available according to your taste.

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